The Team

The Team

Rebecca Palmer

Rebecca is a founder of Ghost Dimension TV Series and Ghost Hunts and investigator of the paranormal.

Rebecca also is the team camera woman and films all of the events for our website.

She has been on many ghost hunting events in and around the UK.

Rebecca has always had an interest in the paranormal and has seen and heard many unexplained events during her time investigating and personal experiences.

If there is a loud bang, be sure that it will happen when Rebecca is around, knocks, noises, scents and orbs seem to follow her on investigations.

Quote "I really enjoy every part of investigating, wherever that be helping rig up or center stage with the guest investigations. I work hard within the team to ensure that each night runs as best as it possibly can"

Sean Reynolds


Sean is an investigator and the second founder of Ghost Dimension TV Series, Ghost Hunts and has completed many paranormal events across the UK.

If there is an explanation for a noise or a bang, then Sean will be on the hunt to find it.

Sean is very easily spooked and its a great member of the team, he will always be on hand to help any guest on the night, so don't be shy to ask him any questions.

Quote "I have been on many paranormal events and I have seen and heard many things, some of them can't be explained and some can. I always ensure that any rational explanations are ruled out before coming to a decision on what is paranormal and what is not. We have a lot of equipment with us on hand, so each night is always interesting"

Meet The Crew

These are our fantastic team members that are on hand at events to ensure you get the most out of your paranormal ghost hunting experience.